Tips and Advice - Advice on Hiring an Instructor

Hire the right instructor for you

Before you make a final decision about who to hire, make sure that you're completely happy with your choice of instructor. Try to choose an instructor who you feel you can trust and with whom you'll be comfortable training with.

Always work through My Exercise Instructor

Click the Hire button when you've found an ideal instructor and please don't forget to leave feedback once you hire an instructor or attend an activity!

Honest and reputable instructors want your feedback to help build their reputation. Instructors who ask people to work outside the site know that they can't be held accountable for the service they deliver.

Tips and Advice

Check the instructor's feedback and qualifications

  • Always check instructor's previous feedback to see if the instructor is suitable for you.
  • New instructors may not have feedback. This doesn't mean they are less capable but you should carry out additional checks. New instructors are encouraged to submit previous client references, which we personally verify.

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