Instructor and Specialist Help

Instructor Membership

Does it cost anything to be a member?

No! Instructor membership gives you access to Train Me jobs in your area that match your skills & trades. You will have your own profile page that can be viewed by any member of the public. When a member of public searches for activities, instructors, trainers or classes if you have the relevant qualifications your profile page will appear.

How can I cancel my Instructor membership?

Go to My Membership and select update or cancel my subscription and we will cancel your agreement for you.


What is feedback?

Feedback is an important aspect of My Exercise Instructor. Quite simply, feedback is an evaluation of what is delivered by the instructors and specialists. Members of public can read previous feedback comments on each instructors and specialists profile, before they hire.

More importantly, members of public can add to an instructor, trainers or specialists reputation and bring accountability to what they deliver by posting feedback when they engage in any sessions with them.

How does the feedback system work?

Genuine feedback has two important elements: the past and the future. Before customers decide who to hire, they look at your past feedback. After they hire you or attend a session delivered by you they will add to that feedback, in either a positive or negative way. This future feedback rewards excellent service delivery and punishes bad delivery.

You have a strong incentive to do your best in order to get feedback, which in turn increases your chances of getting more work (and being able to charge more for it), and more good feedback. You can get this virtuous circle started remarkably quickly through My Exercise Instructor. Growing your business just got a lot easier!

We verify everyone who posts a feedback comment to ensure that the feedback is genuine.

How do I get my first feedback?

We understand everyone has to start somewhere - if you're new to the site and don't have feedback, this could hinder your chance of winning work. To help get you started, we're happy to contact previous client references and post their comments to the site as positive feedback. References cost £7.50 + VAT each and you are allowed a maximum of two. Simply contact us to do this.

How is my feedback score calculated?

Your feedback score is expressed as the total number of positive and negative feedback comments posted on your profile. Client references taken by My Exercise Instructor count as positive feedback.

I've received negative feedback. What can I do?

You have the right to reply to negative feedback and tell your side of the story. Your response will be posted directly underneath the original feedback comment.

Why has positive feedback been removed from my account?

All feedback comments undergo stringent technical and manual checks to ensure that they are genuine. Suspicious feedback is flagged and investigated thoroughly and we remove any feedback that fails our checks.

We will inform you by email if feedback has been removed from your account and the options available to you.

We reserve the right, in accordance with our terms and conditions, to remove any user from the site at our discretion and without notice who we believe to have breached our policies.

Instructor Profile

How can I change my details listed in my profile page?

To change the details within your profile page, visit your profile page and select Update Profile.

How can I change my username?

Please contact us and we'll add an option on your account to change your username.

Why can't I include my contact details on the public parts of the website?

My Exercise Instructor is an online market place, not an instructor or specialist directory. We will remove any contact details found on your profile. Such behavior undermines other instructors and specialists on the site who are using our service in good faith. Please contact us should you notice anyone displaying their contact details.

Can I have more than one account?

We only allow instructors or specialists to hold multiple accounts in exceptional circumstances. If you need to open multiple accounts please contact us.


Why do I need Personal Trainer Civil Liability Protection?

Well you can't be a member of My Exercise Instructor without it for a start!

But on a more basic level you could be held liable for any injury that a client of yours claims is a result of something you have advised or shown them to how to do. This could range from a twisted knee from stepping down from a 3 inch platform to a slipped disc or broken leg from a much heavier fall or exercise. This could effectively ruin your business financially, not to mention the worry and stress caused by the court case.

Regardless of how good you are as an instructor, trainer or specialist, Civil Liability covers you against a client's claim, should you have acted negligently.


How do I reset my password?

Simply contact us and we will send you an email containing instructions about how to reset your password.

Can I talk to you over the phone?

Although we have a telephone contact number this will generally reach our answer phone as we support our community primarily via email and the help section of our site. We currently don't offer full telephone support. If you need to talk us however, please leave an answer phone message or send us a contact form including the following information:

- your telephone number

- when you would prefer us to call you (during normal business hours)

- a brief description of your enquiry

We will endeavor to call at your preferred time, otherwise we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Another user has sent me an abusive message through the site. What can I do about it?

My Exercise Instructor is a community site that promotes mutual respect and friendly conduct amongst all users. We work hard to ensure that all content posted to the site is appropriate and in keeping with our policies.

Despite our best efforts, My Exercise Instructor cannot guarantee that the site is entirely free from offensive or inappropriate content. If you happen to be subjected to or encounter such conduct or content, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to investigate reports of this nature and take appropriate action as necessary.

I've enjoyed using your service. Do you accept testimonials?

Absolutely! We're very happy that you've had a good experience using My Exercise Instructor. Send us a message with your comments and we'll post them on the site. Please let us know if you're happy for us to publish your name and/or company details along with the testimonial.

Alternatively, if you'd like to tell us about your experience over the phone, include your number and the best time to call and let us contact you.

Can I send you a suggestion for improving the site?

Certainly! We're constantly updating the site and always looking for new ways to improve our service. Send us a message with your suggestions. If you'd like to talk to us over the phone, include your number and the best time to call and let us contact you.